Get ready to improve your on course experience with the handbuilt C4 Follow.


The C4 Follow is specifically designed as a Follow golf trolley, but as well
as its “Follow” mode, the C4 Follow also comes with full remote
control functionality that existing customers will be familiar with.

The cutting edge in walking golf technology

Walk the course in sheer luxury with the C4 Follow, the latest version of the multi-award winning C Series.

‘The closes thing to having a caddy’

The C4 Follow takes the strain for you, allowing you to enjoy the walk and simply focus on your game.


If you’re looking for an advanced electric push cart, the C4 Follow is the best option. The cutting-edge technology and impressive features make it a top option for many golfers. What distinguishes this model from the many others is the follow mode that simply allows you to walk on the golf course completely hands-free.

With a modern design and great attention to details, the trolley is attractive. In terms of colors, you have multiple options to match your preferences – metallic black or pearlescent white.

The accuracy of the new Bluetooth communications system has allowed engineers to refine the remote steering even further. Coupled with the increased traction that the new V3 wheels provide, the C4 Remote is now smoother and more responsive than ever.


Lithium Battery

The lightweight and reliable easy-recharge lithium battery technology gives you the power to perform.

Dual 190 Watt

Dual 190-watt motors, safety cutout and downhill braking in Follow mode always keep your cart where you want it to be.


Weighing only 14kg in weight and with a simple two-fold handle, you’ll find the setup is quick, stress-free and simple.